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What is Reiki?

Reiki is a gentle Japanese healing technique that assists the body’s natural healing ability of the body, mind and spirit. Reiki- (ray-kee), means “universal life energy” in Japanese, and is also the name used to describe a system of natural healing founded by Dr Mikao Usui in the early 20th Century. 

Since Reiki was brought to the West in 1938 it has been adapted and changed many times, as such there are now many forms of Reiki available. Here at the holistic therapist we are pleased to practice Usui Reiki Ryôhô, the original teachings of Dr Mikao Usui.

Reiki is open to any belief system and is a safe and relaxing treatment for all ages and genders, including being a wonderful supportive treatment during  pregnancy,  calming for children and reassuring for animals.

What are the treatments like?

Everyone experiences Reiki treatments differently, in fact, I often find that no two Reiki sessions are the same even for returning clients.

Most clients report a feeling of deep relaxation, some may even go to sleep during the session, this is fantastic as such a rest really promotes a calm and peaceful outcome which benefits the client on every level.

Clients may experience a variety of sensations, including: warmth, tingling or cool breezes, some may see colours or patterns. Other clients may have an emotional response, this is immediate evidence that the cleansing has started to shift old energy, allowing balance to return to the body. 

You may not experience any sensations or reactions to the treatment until hours or days later, this by no means suggests that the treatment hasn’t worked for you, it is just your experience on that given day.

Whatever your experience, Reiki is a completely safe, non-invasive technique that will aid in the restoration of balance on every level.

The Benefits

The world we live in is made up of energy from the smallest leaf to the largest animal and when this energy is allowed to flow undisturbed, it brings balance to our lives.

Reiki treatments can help to:

Reiki is now being recognised and implemented in a variety of healthcare settings in the West including hospitals, hospices and GP surgeries.

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What Happens during a treatment?

Reiki practitioners treat the whole person, not just symptoms so at your treatment we will go over a medical and lifestyle questionnaire so that we have a clear picture of your background. The recipient remains fully clothed and lies on a massage table or sits in a chair to relax. The practitioner then gently places their hands on or just off the body in a series of hand positions. There is no manipulation or massage involved. Treatment times last around 45 minutes depending on the client’s needs.


Initial Consultation £40

Reiki Treatment for Adults (45 minutes) £35

Reiki Treatment for Children (25 minutes) £20

Please note, for children’s Reiki, an adult over 18 must sign consent and be present in the room during treatment

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